8 thoughts on “ Do What Mother Do (Spend Your Day The Funky Way) ”

  1. May 08,  · Lumina. Moms deserve to be celebrated everywhere on Mother's parkbingbibchaupihtigumpcofhandwiderec.xyzinfo sometimes, your wallet just isn't quite up to the task. Even if you're running on a .
  2. Earlier this week, those of you who have a difficult time with Mother’s Day shared your strategies for making the day a little less painful. Here’s what you told us.
  3. Plant Flowers for Spring. Try starting a new family tradition by planting flowers with your child on Mother’s Day. Choose flowers that grow well in your region and are easy to care for. Have your child help you dig, pot, and plant them.
  4. Mom may want to join the activities, or you can plan your day of service for the day before Mother's Day and spend the actual day with her at home. Have a Tea Party. True—some moms are more into monster trucks than finger sandwiches. But, for a mother who loves all things girly and fancy, a tea party is the perfect sweet treat.
  5. Mother’s Day. It’s a day to spend with your mum, doing something lovely and super Instagrammable. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how much she’s done for you, to extoll her virtues in a Facebook post and tell the world that you wouldn’t ‘be the woman you are today if it wasn’t for your mum’.
  6. Jun 11,  · One way to work them into your day is by setting up a silly "hugs and kisses" schedule and posting it on the refrigerator or other visible spot. For instance, you could write, " a.m.
  7. May 08,  · Mother’s Day, as I’m sure you know, is this weekend, and I found myself Googling “How do you spend Mother’s Day” yesterday afternoon because I was curious about what other moms do. I know it’s typical to spend the day with your kids because they’re the ones who made you a mom and, hopefully, you enjoy spending time with them.

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