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  1. All Under Global Underground (GU Music) UK Released Summer/Fall Kinnder – Lollipop Lane/Marbles (12″) Rhythmic Recordings US Sissy - So Long (Kahuun Mix), All the Way Down Global Underground (GU Music) UK Jan G. Pal 02 Sissy - I .
  2. Sissy is a duo formed by vocalist Johanne Williams and producer David Trusz. All Under. Sissy Acid Cake. Sissy I See You. Sissy Wake Up. Sissy In The Dark. Sissy Long Distance.
  3. 3. You understand that this non-exclusive lease covers the sound recording Master(s) only and not the underlying musical composition. You represent and warrant that you will contact any and all copyright owners of the underlying musical composition(s), license the musical composition(s), and pay all royalties associated with that license(s).
  4. All Under All Under. This track started as a demo from Jo that consisted of a rough vocal, kik/snare/hat pattern and a pad for the key changes. She writes on an Mbox/iBook system at her home. The piano came first, sampled piano from the Mach Five sampler, printed through a Roland Space Echo, no delay just a bit of reverb from the unit.
  5. These should disappear when the record is tilted under the light, and will only show up when looking straight at the record. (Buddah and ABC pressings from the 70's are a good example of this.) May have some slight marks from aging of the paper sleeve on the vinyl.
  6. Mar 02,  · Sissy's Song Lyrics: Why did she have to go / So young I just don't know why / Things happen half the time / Without reason, without rhyme / Lovely, sweet young woman / .
  7. watching it getting cloudy again and i feel it on the way its the dark i can't take i want to feel it all the way under i'm under i'm all under and you're seeing only lies i don't know why and your seeing only lies i don't know why and now when you know how it's been said all of your words are now dying its useless me swimming my way there no one will come so i'm just gonna lay and i feel it.

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