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  1. Directed by Felix E. Feist. With Ruth Roman, Steve Cochran, Lurene Tuttle, Ray Teal. An ex-convict and a woman fall in love, after she shoots her police Lt. boyfriend dead in self defense, and falsely leads him to believe that he did the shooting.
  2. Definition of tomorrow is another day in the Idioms Dictionary. tomorrow is another day phrase. What does tomorrow is another day expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  3. Tomorrow Is Another Day is a crime drama film noir directed by Felix E. Feist and starring Ruth Roman and Steve Cochran. An ex-convict who thinks he killed a man goes into hiding with a woman whose boyfriend is the supposed murder victim. Plot. Convicted of murder at age 13, Bill Clark is freed after 18 years behind bars.
  4. tomorrow is another day Tomorrow will bring a chance for a better result, despite recent misfortunes, unpleasantness, or lack of success I know you're upset about losing the game, sweetie, but tomorrow is another day. I'm so frustrated with how things went. Oh well, no sense dwelling on it—tomorrow's another day. See also: another, tomorrow Tomorrow.
  5. The most striking thing about Tomorrow is Another Day is the feeling of spontaneity imbued in the storyline. The story of an ex-con who finds himself in a world 18 years older than when he went in, hopelessly out-of-touch with the city, with fashion, with women is interesting enough on its own.
  6. Apr 12,  · Directed by Tai-lee Chan. With Teresa Mo, Ray Lui, Man-Lung Ling, Prudence Liew. Mrs. Wong knows her husband is carrying on an affair, but for the sake of their marriage and autistic son, she has chosen to silently endure. However, the mistress comes to disturb them, and in the end, Mr. Wong leaves home after a fight. Feeling at a loss and struggling to watch over her son by herself, Mrs. Wong.
  7. Tomorrow is Another Day Wong Kam Fa is a middle-aged housewife whose life revolves around her year-old autistic son. After learning that her Wong Kam Fa is a middle-aged housewife whose life revolves around her year-old autistic son.
  8. Jan 21,  · Tomorrow is Another Day bounces between documentary, drama, comedy, and revenge thriller without much care for tonal consistency. The result is an uneven story with a few scenes that do not make a whole lot of sense. For instance, the kindly homemaker Kam Fa inexplicably knows exactly who to talk to find a shady operation to smuggle her across the water to the mainland (context is .
  9. Directed by Alan Crosland. With Al Jolson, Claudia Dell, Louise Closser Hale, Lloyd Hughes. Gus, the trusty family retainer, has hopes of riding his boss' horse, Big Boy, to victory at the Kentucky Derby.

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