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  1. Nov 12,  · Far Cry 2 has a fairly none linear story and missions. This mean that a Walkthrough of this game is hard to do since every one can have different approche. So the videos of Far Cry 2 I .
  2. And does turning off the system (and making -sure- it's closed if it's an Xbox) help? level 2. Crotani. Original Poster 1 point · 5 years ago. I haven't done that with the trucks but something is messed up in my inventory. Somehow my bomb arrows are somtimes said to be 9/9 and then when I used a couple it says 8/8. I can restock rockets etc.
  3. FC3Rebal has an extensive camo retexture of NPCs, weapon stats and prices adjusted for realism and challenge, crafting recipes more challenging but not tedious, recipes and skills available from the b.
  4. Mar 16,  · Changing it to DX9 did nothing but turning on vsync fixed it. I was getting so frustrated haha #5. Stabbey. Dec 25, @ am You could try reading the posts above, where hte solution has already been given. Set "-RenderProfile_MaxFps 60" at the launch options. #6. rem_d3. Mar 16, @ pm.
  5. Feb 12,  · Far Cry 2 is the most obvious when it comes to being different. On the Venn diagram of Far Cry games it is the one that has the most components outside the shared zone. When it .
  6. Hi, on the ps3 version of the game on the mission called "Destroy the Tanker" Where i have to blow up a train car, i accepted all the buddy sidequests in this level .
  7. Extract the files to your game's bin folder. e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Far Cry 2\bin NOTE: Only works in DX10 mode. Suggested tweaks: Press 0 or ~ to open console while playing. Type these for better graphics (works with latest version and DX10 mode): GFX_HemiQuality 2 GFX_LeavesShadowRatio 1 GFX_SunShadowRange0 14 GFX_SunShadowRange1
  8. If you have the Deceitful feat, you get a +2 bonus on Forgery checks. Restrictions. Forgery is language-dependent; thus, to forge documents and detect forgeries, you must be able to read and write the language in question. A barbarian can’t learn the Forgery skill unless he has learned to read and write.

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