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  1. Designed for adult contemporary listeners, the soundtrack to the John Travolta movie Phenomenon has a cross-section of singer/songwriters, mellow blues, and synthesized soul-inflected pop. Out of all the contributors -- which include such heavy hitters as Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, John Hiatt, J.J. Cale, Taj Mahal, and a duet between Aaron Neville and Robbie Robertson-- the standout track is.
  2. A Myth in the Making: Willie Ruff, Black Gospel and an Imagined Gaelic Scottish Origin Terry Miller Professor Willie Ruff argues that the performance style of psalms precented in Gaelic in Scotland's Protestant Hebrides is the root influence on African-American cgospeV and by extension all other forms of African-American music.
  3. In general, the evidence affirmed the existence of rebound sex as a bona fide phenomenon occurring among approximately one-third of people who experience a relationship’s ending. And at least.
  4. The man is wearing a ruff closed in the front, while the woman's is open. Dancers at the Louvre, These wider ruffs, despite strong starching, required more support then the ruffs of the s. Some doublets had pickadil collars which helped hold out a ruff. Others wore smaller ruffs underneath the large one, in a graduated fashion.
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