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  1. This theme is also reflected in the album artwork. The band display influences from Black Sabbath, and the album overall has a doom metal type sound. [1] [2].
  2. The only one previously to include all the lyrics in the inlay is the original "Pain & Suffering" cassette. This is the first time the rest of the lyrics have been released to the public and even the previously released Pain & Suffering lyrics until now have remained as rare as the tapes are (extremely).
  3. Editions for A Mortal Terror: (Hardcover published in ), (Kindle Edition published in ), (Paperback published in ),
  4. Two officers from the American troops stationed in Caserta, Italy, not far from Naples, have been found murdered. The MOs are completely different, and it seems like the officers had no connection to each other, but one frightening fact links the murders: each body was discovered with a single playing card: the Lieutenant, the ten of hearts; the Captain, the jack of hearts.
  5. It is also the first album for band member Derek Brown. Lead vocalist Wayne Coyne described the album's general idea in a press release: "We want, or wanted, to believe that without love we would disappear, that love, somehow, would save us that, yeah, if we have love, give love and know love, we are truly alive and if there is no love, there.
  6. Mortal Terror Source Legacy of the First World pg. 13 School enchantment [fear, mind-affecting]; Level antipaladin 2, arcanist 2, bard 2, cleric 2, inquisitor 2.
  7. Type: Demo Release date: Catalog ID: N/A Label: Slaughter Music House Format: Cassette Reviews: None yet.

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