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  1. ketamine by IM injection (including remotely by dart gun if necessary) is a major consideration - a necessity for IV injection puts the veterinarian at high risk. Ketamine/sedative combinations administered by dart gun are the basis of much wild-life anaesthesia, both in the captive (zoo) situation and for animal management in the wild.
  2. Mar 10,  · Stereoisomerism and ketamine. Ketamine is a good example to illustrate how subtle changes in stereoisomerism can result in significant changes in structure–activity relationships [Modica et al. ].The pharmacological profile of racemic ketamine is characterized by the so-called dissociative anesthetic state and profound sympathomimetic properties.
  3. Ketamine was used initially on soldiers during the Vietnam war. It has a quick recovery time, does not suppress respiration and cardiovascular systems as much as other options, and so was considered a safe option for the difficult field condition.
  4. Sleep Deprivation (And Other Sleep Interventions) as Rapidly Acting Interventions and Extenders of Remission. The robust and rapid antidepressant efficacy of SD therapy underlies its continued clinical and research use for over 5 decades [32, 33].SD leads to increased slow wave sleep during recovery sleep, suggesting that the deficient production of sleep slow waves in many patients with Cited by:
  5. Objective—To evaluate the use of xylazine and ketamine for total IV anesthesia in horses.. Animals—8 horses.. Procedure—Anesthetic induction was performed on 4 occasions in each horse with xylazine ( mg/kg, IV), guaifenesin (75 mg/kg, IV), and ketamine (2 mg/kg, IV).Intravenous infusions of xylazine and ketamine were then started by use of 1 of 6 treatments as follows for which
  6. Ketamine is rapid in onset (45 to 60 seconds) and has a relatively short duration of action (10 to 20 minutes). It is among the most hemodynamically stable anesthetics and does not cause respiratory depression. Some evidence exists that ketamine maybe useful in .
  7. In our view, and the view of the American Psychiatric Association, this is not a safe practice. Let’s not forget that ketamine is a potent medication and it is an anesthetic drug, you should be very cautious if the doctor is only with you for 5 minutes before the infusion or a fully trained member of the healthcare team is not with you at all.
  8. Detomidine • More popular in Europe (cheaper than xylazine) • Duration of sedation longer acting than xylazine (twice), lasting at least 45 min • 5 - 20 mcg/kg IV • Similar side effects in all other aspects with xylazine • Precautions are similar to those given for xylazine. Sedation may be inadequate if horse was excited before administration of detomidine.

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